Does wearing diapers make you diaper dependent?

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Does wearing diapers make you diaper dependent?

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Wearing diapers does make you diaper dependent after awhile.

It usually takes at least a year of wearing and using diapers all the time before you become dependent on diapers.

When I started wearing diapers for 6 months straight I noticed that I was peeing without thinking about it.

I then stopped wearing diapers for awhile and the first day I actually wet my pants as I forgot I was wearing underwear and not diapers.

So if you get used to wearing the diapers and peeing in them without thinking you'll likely wet your pants if you're not in diapers as your mind still thinks you're wearing a diaper.

I do feel like a toddler when wearing diapers.

When at home I will wear just a shirt and diaper and when outside in my fenced in yard I will wear just a diaper or shirt, diaper and shoes.

I want to move somewhere though where it's secluded where I can have the freedom to go outside and play more often dressed in just my diaper, shirt and shoes or just a diaper shirt and barefoot or just the diaper.

I'm more comfortable wearing just the diaper without shorts or pants.

Right now I'm in a thick diaper with just a shirt and socks on and it's a nice feeling.

I actually do feel like a 2 year old boy most of the time and not the almost 35 year old that I am in real life.

I do feel like a baby or toddler when wearing my diapers.

I even feel more like the baby and toddler that I pretend to be when I'm in a wet or messy poop diaper.

It's a great feeling to be wearing a wet or messy or wet and messy diaper even though a dry diaper feels great as well.

Yes it's okay to feel like a baby when you wear diapers.

Although diapers are not just for babies and you don't have to feel like a baby for wearing diapers it's okay to want to feel like a baby when wearing diapers.

I feel much more like a baby or toddler when wearing my diapers.

When I'm in toddler or baby mode I wear the diapers and do both poop and pee in my diapers as well as that is what they are meant for.

I love the feeling of having a wet squishy diaper on and crawling around or running around and playing.

I also love the feeling of poop in my diaper and the feel of the poop pushing out against the diaper as well.

I even go down my slide outside wearing a poopy or wet diaper and go the swing that way as well and it feels great.

Adult diapers that feel like baby diapers are ABU diapers, ABU Little Pawz diapers, ABU Super Dry Kids diapers, Bambino Adult Baby Diapers and Northshore Megamax adult diapers.

Some adult diapers do feel like baby diapers while others just feel cheap and flimsy and not that great.

If you want adult diapers that feel like baby diapers you should buy and wear adult baby diapers that are made to resemble the baby diapers.

Some adult diapers that resemble and feel like baby diapers are ABU diapers such as Little Pawz diapers, ABU Super Dry Kids Diapers, Bambino Diapers etc.

There's also some thicker medical grade adult diapers that feel like baby diapers as well.

However if you buy the cheaper adult diapers then they are usually thin and not as absorbent and the absorbent material tends to fall apart.

For a thick and absorbent adult diaper I would recommend Northshore Megamax adult diaper as they are thick, absorbent and don't fall apart like some adult diapers do.

For a cheap adult diaper I would recommend attends poly care adult diapers.

They are not really thick although they are absorbent enough for being a cheap adult diaper.

For a true baby feeling though then if you're skinny enough you can modify pampers size 7, pampers size 6, Gentle Steps size 7 or other baby diapers to fit you.

I take the cloth cover off of the baby diapers and then use the Velcro landing strip to glue to each side of the diaper.

I tear the Velcro landing strip in half and glue one half to each side of the diaper with a glue gun.

Then the tabs reach enough to secure the diaper.

After that I run some clear packing tape around the diaper waistband to help hold the diaper in place.

I will usually wear adult diapers but sometimes it's great to wear an actual baby diaper sometimes even if they don't fit properly.

I just get into the toddler and baby mood and mode easier when wearing a baby diaper or toddler diaper and they are pretty squishy as well.

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