How much muscle mass can you gain in a month on steroids?

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asked Mar 26, 2018 in Mens Health by Wolfyhaf (310 points)
How much muscle mass can you gain in a month on steroids?

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answered Mar 30, 2018 by Jaybird (12,310 points)
You can gain about 15 pounds of muscle mass within one year so that means that you can gain about 1 pound and a half of muscle per month taking steroids.
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answered Nov 24, 2020 by Andret (3,400 points)

There is no simple answer and all it depends on many different factors. Genetics, type of steroids, purity of substances, training, nutrition, rest and so on. You should pay attention on all these things to get good results. Also I recommend to buy only proven products, for example I use this site steroids-usa to order steroids.

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answered Jun 5, 2022 by oscarcrypto (440 points)
I think it all depends on how much your plan to workout in this month. If you work almost every day you can gain couple pounds of muscles. Also, you need to eat a lot. Maybe someone know where I can buy steroids, HGH and all this stuff?
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answered Jun 5, 2022 by nathogkilres (470 points)

A lot of factors can influence this. Nutrition, the quantity and quality of training, as well as the quality of the steroids themselves. My personal trainer recommended this etalaze shop to me and said that they have steroid cycles for beginners. I already ordered one and now going through it. I feel more energy and do a lot more reps in the gym. Also, my muscles recover faster after training.

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