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hose were the words of former Premier League referee Dermot Gallagher when looking back on the infamous Battle of the Bridge. 

The match was actually officiated by Gallagher's one-time colleague Mark Clattenburg, who later admitted he should have sent off at least three players in the clash at Stamford Bridge. 

But remarkably, no one from either Chelsea or Tottenham was dismissed as the London rivals met on Monday May 2 2016 in a clash involving a dramatic comeback, shocking tackles more suited to a bygone era and a truly remarkable Premier League title being won over 100 miles away. 

While those scenes won't be repeated on Sunday, Spurs' latest visit to Chelsea - live on Sky Sports - promises to be the latest chapter in a topsy-turvy rivalry, as well as an early indicator of both sides' ability to compete for this season's title.

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