What happens if you go to school a day without food?

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What happens if you go to school a day without food?

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If you go to school a day without food then you may feel weak and tired and not be able to focus.

You'll be fine though health wise if you go a day in school without food as long as you eat when you get home.

But if you want to learn and focus you need to eat at school and eat breakfast as well so you have enough fuel and energy to keep your body going.

The percentage of kids that don't like school lunches is 77 percent of students.

The majority of students and kids in school do not like school lunches or even school breakfast and prefer to do without.

Some kids and students may even bring their own lunch to school to eat instead and some may go without until they get home.

Some teenagers and kids don't eat at school because they don't like the school food or they don't like eating around other people.

I never found the school food appetizing and was also uncomfortable eating around other people so that is why I stopped eating at school.

Even when I first started Kindergarten I had to force myself to eat some of the food but I was really picky about eating the food.

Force feeding a child or someone is physical abuse.

Physical abuse of a child or a person is doing things which include force feeding, burning, choking, throwing, biting, shaking, hitting, punching, kicking, beating and punching.

General neglect refers to the negligent failure of a parent or caretaker to provide adequate food, clothing, shelter, medical care, or supervision where no physical injury to the child has occurred.

If a child is not eating on their own then just leave it be for a day or 2 and eventually they should eat.

However if not then take them to the doctor as they may have something wrong with them.

It's not OK to send a child to bed without dinner unless they are not feeling well and not eating.

A child should never be sent to bed without dinner as punishment.

However if the child refuses to eat or is sick then it's okay if the child goes to bed without dinner.

We all need food to stay healthy and so not feeding your kid and letting them go hungry as punishment is never a good idea.

I've heard of some parents sending their kids to bed without dinner because of misbehavior but that is never a good thing and is considered neglect.

Always allow the child to eat if they will eat and then punish the child in other ways such as through time out, spanking, taking toys, games etc away.

My parents used to send me to bed without dinner when I would misbehave and it never made me behave but instead when I went to bed without dinner I got more angry as I was hungry.

I would sneak out of my room in the middle of the night and get something to eat anyway.

My parents loved me and thought they were doing everything right because my dad's parents also used to send him to bed without dinner.

So they didn't starve me at night to hurt me but it didn't help either.

I would never send my kids to bed without dinner or make them go hungry on purpose.
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