My 8 year old son wants to wear diapers all the time should I let him?

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My 8 year old son wants to wear diapers all the time should I let him?
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Make him wear diapers all day and night. He will be fine, feed him baby food, baby cereal, bottle fed him. Please email me

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answered Aug 5, 2022 by paratom (8,600 points)
Yes, even it school, that of a hard core lie like he's having accidents, keep him in diapers. Think of rules and stick with it. Let me know when u do this.

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If your 8 year old son wants to wear diapers all the time you should let him.

Diapers are comfortable and your 8 year old son wants to wear the diapers and have fun so he should be allowed too.

Also you could put him in a high chair and give him a bottle and treat him like a toddler.

Make him pee and poop the diapers and make him wear just the diaper around the house.

Get him crib and high chair and treat him as a toddler too.

My opinion on parents who put their kids in diapers is that it's a good thing.

Diapers are a much better option than having to find a toilet to go pee or poop and they are much more comfortable.

When out and about it's also a good thing for the kid to wear a diaper so that they don't have to hold their pee or poop in and they can simply wet the diaper or poop the diaper and change it or have the diaper changed later.

I would put my kids in diapers all the time so they never had to use a toilet.

You should always keep your children in diapers no matter what age.

Diapers are much better than regular underwear and it's easier to use a diaper than have to run to the toilet.

You should keep your older kids in diapers as it's much better for them than having to use the toilet.

Yes you should keep your child in diapers.

Kids should always be kept in diapers instead of being potty trained as diapers are much better than the toilet.

When your kids wearing a diaper they don't have to stop playing to use the toilet as they can just go poop and pee in the diaper and have the diaper changed later.

I would never potty train any of my kids and keep them in diapers.

Using the toilet is a waste of time when you can just pee in the diaper instead and poop in the diaper.

Diapers are also more comfortable than underwear too.

And diapers get even more comfortable when they are wet.

They make larger sizes of diapers for older kids and they should wear diapers all the time.

No need to stop for potty breaks as you just potty in the diaper.

Here's a boy around 8 years old who is wearing thick plastic backed pampers and drinking from a bottle and in a high chair.

He's so cute in his diapers.

8 year old boy wearing diapers treated as a toddler diaper punishment8 year old diaper boy punishment wearing thick pampers

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No. He will be teased and bullied for it at school and remember it for the rest of his life.

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