How to protect myself?

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asked Jul 31, 2022 in Other- Society & Culture by petrderbikov (1,070 points)
Hello everyone there!  I am planning to look for a girl in dating applications, but I was warned that you have to be very careful because there are a lot of liars and cheaters who can steal your personal data, how can I protect myself? I have a question, how do I protect my personal data on online dating platforms? Since this is a fairly common problem I need to learn how to protect myself.

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answered Aug 2, 2022 by jamesmurfyiii (1,120 points)
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A very common problem. In fact, recent statistics on online identity theft showed that about 15,000 people fell victim to scammers in 2016. These scammers were able to steal a total of $230 million. The numbers alone prove that identity theft in online dating is no joke. Read more here

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