Pamperlovers and nephew, my adopted brothers

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Hello my favorite brothers!!!!

I'm not sure if I'm gonna get the chance to message you before he gets back to school or if he is gonna be home schooled which I believe would be a lot better. Like yourself and his parents, I want him to be safe, not sorry. At home, I hope they set up a nursery I'm his bedroom, crib, changing table, playpen, high chair for learning and meals, maybe a special needs car seat as well. Treat him like a true baby.

How are u feeling bro? The last time we chatted here you wasn't good. I hope your better bro . We really need to have a plan, maybe Disney and possibly Sea World. I wouldn't be able to go on rides because I would need a scooter. I do have a scooter here so no worries here. I think it nephew would be excited but that's up to you brother.

Well I'll private message you with my Phone number (just text please). [email protected]

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answered Aug 1, 2022 by Pamperslover (25,840 points)
Sorry I have not emailed you yet or gotten back to you.

I did eventually go to the emergency room just to get checked out and they did give me some fluids through IV which helped me feel much better.

I was dehydrated and although I would've been okay without going to the emergency room I decided to go just to be safe.

I was getting pretty tired and now I'm feeling much better.

I didn't have to stay in the hospital but was back out the same day.

Nephew is doing fine and I've been in contact with his parents and they said he is gonna be home schooled and not returning to public school.

They are also planning on moving to Arkansas as well by spring or next summer which is gonna be awesome.

He still has been wearing diapers and hasn't used the toilet at all and he loves it.

He has his bottle, pacifier with him as well.

Also we have been out driving around and going to some places around here and having lots of fun.

I can't believe he's gonna be going back home within 7 days from now so he can get prepared for his home schooling.

The time sure went by fast but we had lots of fun.

I will be going back to Kansas probably next month to help move my parents stuff to their old home in Arkansas as they are gonna move to Arkansas again.

My camper is gonna stay because I'm gonna be pulling my dads big trailer with their stuff on it so I'll be going back in just my truck.

Then I'll be heading back within a week or so.

As for Disney or Sea World I've always wanted to go to those places and hopefully we could.
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I'm happy that your feeling better. I'm also glad that he is now being homeschool. All he needs is a crib, changing table, high chair, playpen, car seat and a stroller

Just be careful going back there. You can tell your Mom that your wearing diapers now just so she can tell you her baby boy.

Are you giving ur nephew my email? I don't care if you do. If your that type of person that likes to build things, you could build ur nephew a crib and changing table and a high chair?

I'll message you again lol take care bro
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answered Aug 2, 2022 by Diaperboy1988 (4,410 points)
Glad to hear you and your nephew are doing good pamperslover.

Have a safe trip back to Kansas and I wish your nephew and his parents a safe trip back as well.

Always take that heat stroke and heat exhaustion seriously as heat exhaustion can lead to heat stroke which can be deadly.

Glad to hear you went in for treatment just to be safe.

I remember last summer I was walking down the street and suddenly my vision was lost for a few minutes and I collapsed to the ground and around 10 minutes later as I was trying to get back up I look and see a paramedic who was there to treat me.

I was on the verge of having a heat stroke and thankfully someone saw and called 911.

I got treatment and have been okay.

I now try to stay out of the heat as much as possible and drink more water than I normally would.

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