Pull ups for bigger kids

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Is it ok for a older boy to wear pull ups because I have seen it in person and I think it would be embarrassing to a kid to be wearing pull ups because we all know that pull ups are sold in the diaper department at Walmart I've even seen a older boy pushing a cart playing around and pushed it to far ahead his but went up and his shirt raised up exposing his 4t 5t pull ups and thare was pull ups in the shopping cart. I've even seen older boys being told that if they are going to act like a baby Thay will be treated like a baby by thare mom and I seen a few boys being drug into the public bathrooms and the mom had a pull up or a diaper in thare hand scolding the kid for pants wetting or saying things like you still wet the bed like a baby so that's why you are wearing pull ups and being treated like a baby kids crying like crazy I've even seen older boys carrying a bag or box of pull ups sometimes goodnites around the store crying because they don't want to wear diapers parents even take pictures of the kids diapers and put it on the web. The most embarrassing thing I have ever seen was a boy looked to be around the age of 7 I went to go pee in Walmart and a mom walks her son into the boys room pulls down the changing station places her son on it starts digging in her purse pulls out a bunch of pull ups pulls his pants down and he was wet wearing a pampers cruisers size 7 diaper his mom told him he is to old to be wearing diapers and pull ups and acting like a baby and peeing his pants and bed like a little baby she was mad at him saying she is getting tired of having to buy him pull ups training pants and goodnites for his bedwetting he looked embarrassed his mom put a pull up on him pulled his pants back up and made him carry the pull ups and goodnites she pulled out of her purse. I just want to know if it's ok for older kids to wear pull ups and should parents be allowed to diaper punish thare kids

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It's OK for bigger kids to wear pull ups or even diapers if they need to wear them and they are comfortable about it.

A kid should not be forced into wearing a diaper or pull up nor shamed for wetting their pants or having accidents.

However it's okay to offer the option of a pull up or diaper for the kid to wear.

The diaper or pull up can be embarrassing for the older kid to wear although it would be more embarrassing to wet your pants.

Still if the older kid wears a diaper or pull up then they should do so discretely and not be shamed for it.

For example the kid should go into a stall and change the pull up or diaper in private.

Now if the child was or is medically incontinent and had no control over their bladder or bowels then yes they need to wear a diaper or pull up for sanitary reasons.

So in that case the child should be forced to wear the diaper for their health and well being.

Just like a toddler who is not potty trained and doesn't want to wear the diaper but they must for their own good.

But for any other reason it should be up to the kid whether or not they want to wear diapers or pull ups for their bladder problem or not.

A kid should not be diaper punished or treated as a baby or toddler for wetting their pants as that can be harmful to the child.

Publicly shaming the child with diapers is not a good idea and can have a terrible effect on the child's mental health.

I've seen some older kids in diapers and pull ups before but I never said anything about it and thought they probably needed them.

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