Hello my 2 baby brothers, pamperlovers and nephew

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Hello my 2 brothers

That WWE Live show was great, surprisingly they wasn't a lot of kids wearing diapers at the show, a colored black boy, 7 and 5 was definitely in diapers, size 6 and Size 7. I saw pull-ups on a 10 yr old girl doing a cartwheel and the oldest was a 12 yr old, I was talking to his Uncle during intermission, he seemed not bothered but I could be wrong, it was a size 7 and he was skinny and you could tell from the baby powder. He is a bedwetter and didn't want to miss the action and that's why he was diapered and he whispered to him he was wet. I was shocked. There was a colored black boy that looked to be 11 yrs old and he was definitely wearing diapers. He was pulling up his shorts, being changed by his Daddy as I was pulling up to park. He looked sad but happy too.

Is ur nephew officially full time incontinent yet, like wetting and pooping without noticing? If he is, call his Daddy and tell him to throw away all underwear!! Maybe when school starts he can fill out the paperwork and he can have a special pass to see the nurses office. I'm really excited for this.

How about you brother, how is you place going? I remember you had great ideas, maybe building a tree house or a in-ground pool. That be awesome. Well email me soon bro.

Can't wait to see the pictures

[email protected]

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answered Jul 20, 2022 by Diaperboy1988 (4,410 points)
Hello Tom.

Glad to hear you had a great time at the event.

Great that you got to see others in diapers at the event as well.

I would certainly diaper any of my kids for any events to keep them from having to use the toilet.

To pamperslover hope you're okay and looking forward to hearing from you.

I can't believe summer vacation is almost over and school is starting again soon.

I also agree that your nephew should get rid of all his underwear and wear diapers all the time.

The heat here has really been getting to me and I've been staying inside most of the time.

Hope you're doing well and looking forward to hearing from you.
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answered Jul 22, 2022 by Pamperslover (25,840 points)
Hi Tom.

Things are going great but the heat has really been getting to me the last few days and I've been really tired as a result.

So I have not had the strength to get onto the computer lately until now.

Even now I'm still tired but forced myself to check in.

Today I was out of it and thought I was gonna have a heat stroke and need an ambulance but thankfully I was okay.

I'm so ready for the cooler weather we have had temps of 110 F here for a few days.

School starts for my nephew on August 17th so it won't be long until his dad comes and gets him.

Although his parents are considering homeschooling him mainly because of the school shootings that are occurring.

I'm trying to get his parents to consider moving to Arkansas as it's very easy to setup homeschooling here.

I hope they do eventually move here with him.

I know my parents are gonna be moving back to Arkansas to their old place which will be great.

I'll sure miss him but we'll still talk and I'll eventually get back to my house in Kansas for awhile and see him then.

Glad to hear you had fun at the event.

My nephew has been wetting and pooping diapers without noticing now and his dad and mom know all about it and are okay with it.

I discussed it with his parents and they were fine with him wearing diapers.

He says he wants to wear them full time so his parents have agreed to start buying him diapers for him to wear all the time.

Even better if he's home schooled he won't have to worry about the diapers or anyone seeing them in class.

As to the email I just realized that I tried sending an email to you and didn't get the address correct.

I was putting it as paranormaltommy2022 instead of paranormaltommy2020 I guess it's because I've been so used to the year 2022.

I'll resend it again to the correct email and this time I'll copy and paste the email address.

As for pictures my nephew says he's likely to post the pictures up on an account somewhere and then send the link.

I'll let him do that if he wants too but I'm sure he will as he's getting pretty comfortable with his pictures and being seen in his diapers.

Also I just realized I need to update my email on this website as well as it still has my old email account that is no longer active.
commented Jul 22, 2022 by paratom (9,090 points)
That's great news bro. I hope everyone from ur parents to your nephews parents will move there.

I totally agree with homeschooling ur nephew. Maybe they can get him a crib, high chairs, baby bottles and pacifiers as well.

The shooting as the school with little kids, that p*ssed me off. I just found out that security with guns that the opportunity to shoot him, he had to call his captain to confirm. I know that cop had to feel guilty as f**k as he know in his heart that he could have had saved everyone's lives. That had cops there as well and the shooter had a cocky smile as he opened the door and started shooting people and kids. There was a few cops that actually had considered quitting because of the captain or whoever they call him. If they did quit the force, I wouldn't blame them AND one of the officers had a girl that went to that school and sadly was shot. That p*ssed me off.

My email is [email protected]

Well my 2 brothers, be safe and I will catch you later

Nighty night
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That made me mad as well about the school shooting.

The school shootings are becoming so common now as well as other shootings that I always say that in a few days or a few weeks there will likely be another shooting and sure enough there seems to be.

After the school shootings then the mall shootings it's not safe anywhere anymore.

I wish these shootings would stop.

Kids should not have to worry about being shot in school or anywhere else.

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