Why is ice storm so dangerous?

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Why is ice storm so dangerous?

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Ice storms are so dangerous because they can cause trees to fall, tree branches to break, cause power lines to break and also cause roads to become really slick and even sometimes impassible.

An ice storm can cause a lot of damage and cause power to be out for weeks.

If an ice storm is coming you should avoid traveling as it is very dangerous to travel during an ice storm.

Strong winds during ice storms greatly compound the damaging effects by causing added stress to trees and power lines already laden with a heavy accumulation of ice.

Unlike snowstorms where in most cases the snow can be plowed in hours or a day, the damaging effects of ice storms can go on for days or even weeks.

Just one quarter of an inch of ice accumulation can add about 500 pounds (230 kg) of weight per electric line span.

Damage from ice storms is easily capable of shutting down entire metropolitan areas.

Ice storms usually occur when the air temperature is at or just above freezing (32-38 degrees).

During an ice storm, rain falls into a layer of subfreezing air near the surface of the earth, cooling the falling water to the point of freezing upon contact with the ground, trees, roofs, cars and other objects.

A winter storm is a weather event where the precipitation is mainly snow, sleet, or freezing rain.

Often coupled with strong winds and below-freezing temperatures, winter storms can be dangerous.

Freezing Rain Advisories often have 6-18 hours of advance notice.

An ice storm can last for days or hours, depending on the storm's severity.

An ice storm is not frequent and occurs one to two times in 25 years.

Ice storms may be experienced in a mild and isolated state at a specific region, whereas they may also blanket an entire area with a sheet of thick and clear ice.

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