Is there any video-sharing platform where we can upload diaper videos?

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asked Jun 30 in Diaper Videos by JMarsy125 (7,160 points)
Wondering if anyone knows where we can upload diaper kid videos and pictures. Looking for a style like IMGVEK where we can all upload files freely or maybe a drive link giving us all edit access to add and share videos. Please let me know. I am not into trading, I just need to share my pictures and videos of diaper kids and see others' content freely like we used to with, except we all need to contribute.
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join this group chat and ill try sending u some
commented Oct 8 by Diaper Lover (1,560 points)
Is there any chance that i can join a new group because this one failed
commented Oct 8 by paratom (5,310 points)
Hey guys, I was banned from Mega, they took everything, pictures and videos and I mean Everything and I mean EVERYTHING.  If anyone can help me replace the diaper boy pictures and diaper boy videos 7-16 years old. If you can help me, I greatly appreciate it
commented Oct 13 by Ynt (230 points)
give me new group link please

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answered Jul 4 by diapermouse1 (7,690 points)
There used to be a diaper video sharing platform like YouTube called but it was shut down due to not having enough finances to support it according to the owner of abdltube

It was a great site and I wish it was able to stay online.

However I do remember the owner of this website and imgvek saying there will be a file sharing and file hosting website coming online soon called that allows videos.

It won't be exactly like or YouTube but you can share the links to your pictures and videos if you want too.

Hopefully it will be up soon.

I've noticed some people have actually uploaded diaper kid videos to YouTube without any issue.

However some of those videos get removed if they are older kids in diapers due to child protection issues.

Even some kids who have uploaded their own videos of them in diapers have sadly gotten them taken down.

The website which will operate a bit like mega will allow diaper kid videos and pictures to be stored and shared freely without any issues which is what the owner who is setting up the site had said.
commented Jul 5 by diaperboy14 (200 points)
is there any other webstes to find diaperd kids

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