What is a group of humans called?

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What is a group of humans called?

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A group of humans is called a crowd while a group of 5 people is called a Quintet.

A quintet is a group containing five members.

It is commonly associated with musical groups, such as a string quintet, or a group of five singers, but can be applied to any situation where five similar or related objects are considered a single unit.

The definition of a crowd is a large number of people or things gathered closely together.

An example of crowd is the group of people that come together for the ball dropping on New Years Eve in Times Square in New York City.

Crowd is defined as to push, shove or force too closely together.

Usually if there's more than 100 people then it would be a crowd of people.

Although even less than 100 people can be considered to be a crowd.

A large gathering of people is also another meaning of crowd or a group of humans.

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