Variety in intimate life

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It is normal to be afraid to tell your partner about your desire to add sex toys to your sexual rituals. I think the main fear is usually related to the partner's reaction: what if he takes you for a pervert or thinks that he has stopped satisfying you sexually. How do you feel about sex toys?

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I would start with simple things, not even toys, but accessories like blindfold tapes or lubes. You can play around with lubes: they come in warming, cooling, and different flavors, and they can make a big difference in sex, even though you just seem to add lube. Your partner will see what pleases you and perhaps suggest trying something new himself. You can read useful information here In choosing a sex toy for a couple, in addition to price, I would pay attention to how versatile it is.

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Introduce A Fitness Routine A study proves that men who exercise show enhanced sexual behavior. It is because exercise can improve sex in many ways. 

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