Hello my 2 favorite babies, pamperslover and the nephew

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Hi Pamperslover, text me soon. Do you think that your nephew is really loosing his bladder and bowel control or do you think he's playing along? What I would do is to check his diaper, like a diaper check. Like wait for a few minutes and if he doesn't say anything just pull the back of his diaper. Maybe I should send another one so he can be more babyish.

I can text you, just give me your number in the private messager

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Hello Tom.

We're doing okay.

I haven't been able to respond or get into my account on here because the password kept saying it was wrong.

Finally I tried again and just now it finally went through.

It was probably something with my computer.

I tried resetting the password but remember I hadn't updated my email address on this website to my new one and the old one I used on here was inactive.

As for the loss of bladder control I'm not 100 percent sure if he's playing along yet or is losing bladder control.

However he is wetting his diaper now without thinking about it and before he even has a full bladder.

I do randomly check his diaper and he likes that.

I'll send you my number to text me in a private message.

I was gonna send a text but I forgot the number and could not get into my private messages or account to see it.
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Or you can email me the number


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