This really happened when I was hospitalized at 12 yrs old

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I believe it was a week before school ended for the summer, I wasn't feeling well but Mom said if I don't have a temperature, I had to go. I was 12 at the time and we a streaming match and told her to treat me like a baby then and I was wearing diapers to school which wasn't a surprise for me, I was lucky to have a dry month in a school year.  Probably it was the second period , my bowel gave up and went to the nurses, the nurse took my temp and it was 102 degrees and told Mom to take me to the hospital and she would clean me up as we were waiting for her. She took me to the hospital and I found out I had ammonia. When they question Mom why I was still wearing diapers, Mom simply told them and I was a heavy bedwetter and I'm known for wetting and messing in the daytime plus I wanted to be treated like a baby. The nurses and doctor agreed and I was sleeping on a crib size for adults. When Mom was there, like pretty much all day, she took over the changing and feeding me, when she left the nurses took care of me.

As anyone had the same treatment in the hospital.

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When I was around 7 years old I had went into the hospital after passing out for some reason.

If I recall I think I cut my head with something and then passed out about 30 minutes later.

I then woke up and my mom took me to the hospital.

While there I fell asleep after waiting for them to get the test results back.

I remember sitting down on a crib bed with the rail down and in my hospital gown.

However when I woke up which was probably a few hours later the crib railing was up and I had a pampers diaper on.

I was really tired and groggy and my mom said they put a diaper on me because I had wet in my sleep.

So I was kept in the pampers diaper for a few days and slept in a crib until they did some more tests to make sure my brain was not injured after falling.

Thankfully nothing was wrong but it felt so good to wear those diapers and my mom changed my diaper while there and the nurse changed it when she was gone.

I just wished I could've worn diapers at home after that as well.

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