Is it really necessary to buy a emergency car jump starter ?

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Nowadays, in the era of developed transportation, most people think that taking the subway or bus is more practical than driving, and the car will be idle. Need to drive out to find that the battery is aging and the capacity is deficient.

In winter, the temperature is too low, causing the battery capacity to decline.

When driving, the tire pressure is too low, which makes people very headache.

If you prepare a emergency car jump starter with an air pump function, you can say goodbye to troubles.

1. Rich Age emergency car jump starter starting voltage and current: 12V-16V ,250-1000A, can be started more than ten times continuously (3.0 displacement car)

2. If the air pressure of the car is too low, it will affect the driving. The Rich Age emergency car jump starter can not only inflate the tire, but it will stop when it is fully charged, and can also detect the tire pressure value with an accuracy of ± 2psi, and the LED digital screen displays the data clearly and clearly. Suitable for cars, bicycles, motorcycles, balls, etc.

The traditional air pump has the trouble that the inflation line is not long enough, the line is entangled, and the cigarette lighter is damaged. The Rich Age emergency car jump starter is wireless inflatable, so there is no need to have this trouble.

3. If there is a sudden failure in driving at night, the Rich Age emergency car jump starter not only has high-brightness long-distance concentrated beam LED lights, but also has red and blue flashing SOS warning lights. fearless of the dark.

4. The Rich Age emergency car jump starter can be used as a power bank, which can charge most of the digital devices on the market. The large battery capacity is 12000mAh, and the long-lasting battery life works. Say goodbye to the trouble of running out of electricity.

If we encounter a puncture puncture or the car can't start, we can use the multi-function emergency car jump starter to get enough energy, and then slowly drive to the repair shop to repair it, no need to wait for help or spend money to call tow. Such a convenient and practical device, don't you want to learn about it?

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answered Jun 17, 2022 by Wenja921 (19,850 points)
It's not necessary to buy an emergency jump starter.

However buying and having an emergency jump starter in your vehicle is always a good idea.

Also you should replace your cars battery if it's 3 to 5 years old so that it does not leave you stranded.

My car batteries get replaced every 3 years regardless of if they are still good or not.

It's cheap enough to me to do the car battery replacement instead of being stranded with a dead battery.

Sometimes batteries can get dead enough to not jump start.

Also another option is to have a small 2 stroke portable generator with you that has the charging ports on it for 12 Volts.

Or you can also plug a battery charger into the generator to get some electricity to charge the battery.

But car battery jump starters also work great.

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