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Let's say you got a chance to talk to parents or 10-15 year olds about putting them back in diapers or talking to kids about telling there parents to put them back in diapers for the summer or untel their 18.

How would you do that, especially if the kid was bedwetting issues

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answered Jun 19 by diamdiaper (490 points)
If I got a chance to talk to parents or 10 to 15 year olds about putting them back in diapers I would sit down with them and explain the advantages of wearing diapers.

I would tell them that they should wear diapers to bed and during the day as well as they are very comfortable and they would keep their bed dry.

If the kid had bed wetting issues I would tell them that they should try the diaper and then explain to them that it would be our secret.

It may take some convincing them to get them to wear diapers but eventually they should get used to the idea and try it.

However if it were my kid and they still refused to wear the diaper I would spank them and tell them that they are gonna wear the diaper for their own good.

Then since they would not wear the diaper on their own and I had to force them I would make them wear just the diaper around the house and they would remain in diapers for the rest of the year.

Eventually I would decide to keep them in diapers all the time until they are at least 18.

The toilet would then be off limits to them and they would wear and use the diapers for both pee and poop and I would change them.
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Hiya diamdiaper, if I can get a parent to see that they NEED to put there child back in diapers, bedwetting, daytime potty accidents (pee & poop) they wouldn't have to wait in a line or the kids streaming they need to go potty. No more stress. No more bedwetting, there diapers are their full time potty. It would be easier on both parents and child and kids.

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