Is a gate required around a pool?

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Without a doubt, yes, gates are required around a poll. Swimming pools are an excellent spot to spend time with your family. There are also fences placed around the pool to avoid mishaps. However, gates are essential because the mortality rate of young children under the age of five is increasing daily, with an average of more than 200.

This is entirely due to the lack of gates around the pool. Though they are not essential safety measures, it is crucial to construct an entry gate for the swimming pool to preserve the proper safety of individuals and their children.

The swimming pool gates should be as high as your fence or higher than the height of your young children to prevent them from jumping over the fence and into the pool. There should be a self-closing or self-latching that controls every point of entry to the pool area.

When properly built, they close and lock automatically each time the gate is unlocked, preventing unattended accessibility by young children. To keep children out of the pool area, latch hardware should be fitted inside. Also, ensure that all locks are locked when the pool is not in use to prevent children from entering while you are away. Check out here to know more about white pool fencing.

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