Let's say if you diaper punished your 11 year old boy

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asked Jun 10, 2022 in Grade Schooler by paratom (9,090 points)
Let's say that you diapered punished your 11 year old for a year for bad grades and poor attitude at home and bedwetting. It's 2 days before summer but you want him diapered now?

Do you tell the school nurse that he is having potty issues?

Also, if it's a year that he's fully diapered, will he have to start wearing diapers forever?

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answered Jun 12, 2022 by Diaperboy1988 (4,410 points)
If I were diaper punishing my 11 year old boy if I had one I would make him wear diapers to school and also tell the school nurse that he is having potty issues and is wetting his pants and needs to wear diapers.

I would tell the nurse to make sure he comes to her to get checked and changed when needed.

If he started out as a year diaper punished I would then just have him wear diapers forever as long as he's living with me.

At home he would wear just the diaper without any pants or maybe a diaper and shirt.

He could not ask for a diaper change but instead I would check his diaper at times that I seem fit without notice.

I would just randomly go up to him and check the back of his diaper for poop and the front for pee.

I would change him right on the floor or bed wherever he is.

I would put him in thick plastic backed diapers and at home he would be outside in just the diaper during the summer.

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