Hi pamperslover and little diapered boy

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I miss you both, I haven't received a text or the private message from you in a week or more or less LOL I hope you both are having a great time and being safe. Please return my private message


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answered Jun 10 by Pamperslover (24,430 points)
Hello Tom.

We're okay but we were out at a campground and camping areas for awhile that the internet was barely working and I rarely had cellphone service either.

Still it was worth it to be out there in the woods.

I'm also meeting with someone in a few days about a property that I'm really in love with as during our camping trip and driving around I saw some for sale signs for some secluded property really cheap which is what I'm meeting up with the guy for.

He's lives out of state but not too far and should be here.

It's really cheap property so I know that I can buy it as it's only $800.00 which I have the money for.

Hopefully in a few days I'll be getting some secluded property.

However I do need to clear a path to the property as it's really wooded so I'll be busy for awhile cutting down some trees.

Then if I get the property which I should be able too I'm gonna take the camper and park it on the property.

Then we both can be outside in just our diapers and nobody will see as there's no neighbors for miles.

It's a nice property that I really want to move too.

No home on the property but I want to build a small cabin and eventually move there.

Next will be a swing set, tree house etc on the property as well as slide so we can play in just our diapers.

I forgot to send you a text although I'll try to remember to send it today or tonight.
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I'm just glad you 2 are ok and safe. That's really awesome that you found something for $800.00. Hell maybe next year I will fly down lol

Has your nephew enjoying the hypnosis? Maybe he can move with you, just enroll him in school plus the nurse will have to change him. Do you think that he's bladder incontinent or fully incontinent?

Well bro, I'm praying for you to get this tomorrow, and everything works in your favor. You 2 be safe and keep having fun
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Good to hear from you.

Also glad you're doing okay and good luck on getting the property.

That is cheap for some land even if you do have to clear the trees to get to it.

Wish I could be there with you.

If I could I'd help you cut the trees down to access the property and I'd help you build the house.

I wish I could find some secluded property as well.

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