Here's something every parent of a 11 year old

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asked Jun 5, 2022 in Grade Schooler by paratom (8,600 points)
If you have a 11 year old child, please read this article

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answered Jun 9, 2022 by rognat889 (2,450 points)
That's a great article.

It's perfectly fine if a kid wants to wear diapers and be a baby or toddler.

It's something innocent and I would have no issue if a kid of mine were into wearing diapers and wanting to be a baby.

I would also help the kid out by buying them diapers for them and would allow them to wear them as much as they wanted.

Life is too short and you should enjoy what you enjoy.

It's not hurting anyone so let the kid be who they are and do what they enjoy as it's harmless.
commented Jun 9, 2022 by paratom (8,600 points)
You got that right buddy. That's me as well, I would baby him everyday

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