Has any parents brought there kids to a event

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Has any parents brought there kids diapered for a event, like baseball, hockey, football or even Disneyland?  Anything?

I remember one time my parents diapered me for Disneyland. From home diapered to the Airport diapered to Florida's Disneyland diapered. I was fully diapered that whole week and a half. I was diapered before because of bedwetting and I was known for accidents at school and home

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A few weeks ago there was a kids baseball game at the park that has a baseball field.

Although I'm not a baseball fan I just had nothing else to do and so I decided to park my vehicle and walk around go watch the baseball game.

So as I sat down on one of picnic tables and begin watching the baseball game I saw a boy of about 7 years old who was clearly wearing a diaper under his baseball shorts he was wearing.

I could tell the diaper was a Pampers Cruisers diaper and likely a size 7.

His shirt kept riding up and when he slid and went down to the ground he shorts slipped a little too.

His diaper was pretty visible but he didn't seemed bothered by it.

There was another boy of around 10 sitting on the bleachers wearing a diaper which looked to be a plastic backed Youth diaper.

His shirt was riding up too and you could see a diaper bulge in the front of his pants.

And of course I also was wearing a thick ABU Super Dry Kids diaper under my shorts.

That would be so fun to play baseball and run around in a diaper and even better to run around in just a diaper.

I've also seen a few older kids wearing diapers at Disneyland and the state fair around here as well.
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Nice, too bad you couldn't change the diapers or babysit

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