Here's something a parent wants there kids saying

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As a stubborn kid, I said some REALLY stupid stuff to my Mom. As soon as I said it I knew what was gonna happen. " Because I want to go outside and play, your probably gonna say NO cause that's what I want to do. I'm 12 year old and I get treated as a damn baby so you can treat me as a baby for your stupid rules, 1 month and 12 days. I will wear the diapers and be treated as one." This was 1 of my good days, I didn't even had a accident at school, I was going to go to bed at my regular time and be diapered.

What was some ridiculous things that u said to ur parents or ur says saying things to you?

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This question is a good one.

Although it was not something my kid was in trouble for it was still funny.

I remember one day when my 9 year old son was around 3 and I was pregnant with his brother.

He one day asked me what was wrong with my tummy when it was getting bigger and bigger.

He said mommy your tummy what wong with your tummy it bigger.

So I explained to him the best I could and said that his little brother was inside and I told him that he was once in there as well.

Well a few months later we were in the store and standing behind this lady who was just bloated and so my son started talking to her and then noticed her belly.

He blurted out is a baby in your tummy like mommy has my brother in her tummy?

lol she said no sweetie I'm just bloated and not feeling well.

He didn't want to believe that and kept on saying no it baby in your belly.

I was embarrassed but also was laughing at the same time.

I told her I was sorry but she thought it was funny and said having kids means you're gonna have them say some things you would be embarrassed about.

I also remember him when he was 2 years old proudly announcing that he had just pooped his diaper.

As we were walking down the aisle of the Walmart he stopped and pooped his diaper.

Then after he finished he started telling everyone around him that he pooped his diaper and was asking people to feel his diaper.

That was hilarious but also embarrassing at the same time.
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I'm glad that lady had a sense of humor lol. Kids really do say the darndest things lol

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