Do diapers affect baby walking?

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Do diapers affect baby walking?

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Diapers do affect baby walking if the diapers are too bulky.

Most often the kind of diapers that can affect a babies walking are bulky cloth diapers that spread the babies legs out too far.

Thinner cloth diapers or thinner disposable diapers do not affect a babies or toddlers walking and are much better for when a baby is walking.

Thinner cloth diapers should be used when a toddler or baby is learning to walk or use disposables which are thinner and not as bulky.

Cloth diapers don't delay babies rolling over although some babies may have a bit of difficulty rolling over when in thicker cloth diapers.

The cloth diapers do also keep a newborn's hips wider apart than disposables, but this is actually the optimum position for a newborn.

Cloth diapers are bulkier than disposable diapers and can make it hard for toddlers and babies to walk properly.

However cloth diapers do not cause bow legs.

Cloth diapers do not make babies bow legged.

Babies are actually bow legged already because of the babies legs being folded in the mothers womb.

Diapers whether cloth diapers or disposable diapers do not make the babies legs bow legged so it's okay to use cloth diapers.

However cloth diapers that are too thick may actually make the babies legs spread out so that it's harder for the baby to walk when they begin walking.

So cloth diapers could hinder the babies development when walking and make it harder for them to walk.

Thinner disposable diapers however can make it easier for the baby to walk in than cloth diapers because they are not as thick.

Diapers introduce bulk between the babies legs, potentially exacerbating infants' poor balance and wide stance.

It's been shown that walking is adversely affected by old-fashioned cloth diapers, and that even modern disposable diapers habitually worn by most infants incur a cost relative to walking naked.

There's no way to prevent your baby from getting bowed legs.

But you may be able to prevent certain conditions that are known to cause bowed legs.

To prevent rickets, make sure your child is getting enough vitamin D and calcium in their diet.

Some of the disadvantages of using cloth diapers instead of disposable diapers include.

They require washing.

A newborn may require up to 12 diapers a day, and toddlers need around six to eight diapers a day.

They can be inconvenient.

These require large upfront capital because the initial investment for cloth diapers is much more than disposables.

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