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asked Jun 2, 2022 in Winter Sports by Dorime (1,070 points)
Which websites do you use for reading about sports? I mean about sports events and interesting articles.
commented Aug 16, 2022 by AugustBlack (100 points)
I can tell you about where I usually read everything I need about sports and you decide for yourself whether this site is suitable for you or not. If you visit this site you'll be able to watch matches live, watch the schedule, read more info, and even see sports predictions so you can place your bets. Want to give it a try?

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answered Jun 2, 2022 by Archiveone (3,320 points)

Here you go . Just check this article and if you like it, pretty much all the articles are worth checking as well along with adding this website to your bookmarks. You will find the best sports coverages there.

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answered Aug 25, 2022 by dogovor (340 points)
i agree with you)
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answered Oct 15, 2022 by Edward Wong (4,660 points)

Betting football not an easy money out of 100 only 1 or 2 Can win. If u r busy and dont have enough time to research better dont touch it…its too stressing. fortunately i always win every single months. Step 1: dont touch too many 1 shot 1 kill bet only the most value bet(remember all matches are fixed) example today match kyoto vs avispa…bet kyoto asian handicap why? Look avispa previous match it win 3-2 dramatically so highly chance the opposite results happen. Step2: try to predict his story…chelsea Last season not go to champion league so this season they will but not winning the league meaning its in 3th place. So when u see its now on 2nd place bet against it…and if it drop to 4th or 5th bet on chelsea. Another example yamaga Will promote to j1 so Just bet on this team or man c it is so loaded Just bet on this team if lose u Can double your bet( becareful its only work in very spesific team). step 3: look Denmark league very unique every single matches diffrent time, look 4 previous matches all over so this weekend under is very good bet. I Cant tell u every details its long story good luck…

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answered Oct 16, 2022 by Don Lawrence (5,270 points)
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Everything depends on you. I think you should choose your favorite sport that you are good at. If you want to make good money, you will need to make correct predictions. My choice is football. I often use this site to look at favorites' matches to compare odds and check results. Perhaps this will also be useful for you!

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