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From movies, TV Shows, mini movies, how many child actors do you think was diapered during production.

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answered May 31 by Danieldiap (650 points)
I believe the majority of kids or child actors are diapered during the production of movies and TV shows.

In some of the episodes of Andy Griffith show I can see a bulge in Opie Taylors pants in the front and back which clearly shows that he likely is wearing a thick cloth diaper.

He's probably wearing the thick Cloth diapers with pins and also plastic pants over them.

The bulge of Opie Taylors also known as Ron Howard's pants is just too much for a simple pair of underwear.

I'm also sure that on Full House that Michelle when she was older had on a diaper a few times at least.

And come to think of it I remember seeing a bulge in the back and front of Cole Sprouses pants on the Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

He was probably wearing a disposable diaper.

Most child actors I do believe wear diapers so they don't have to stop to go pee or poop when they need too.

Even Dylan Sprouse looked like he was wearing a diaper in some scenes.
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Do you know what episode from the suit life on YouTube that you saw Cole bulge in the pants. Do you think Macaulay Culkin wearing diapers for the good son, Uncle Buck and home alone 1-2

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