To the boys that has to wear diapers, school, at home.

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It's worst when your siblings are teasing you about you wearing diapers. What happens to them if anything. I maybe able to save you

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I'm not a kid anymore and now am 20 years old.

However I was diaper punished as a kid and made to wear diapers all the time for wetting my pants and bed wetting.

I was put back into diapers when I was 5 for constantly wetting my pants and for wetting the bed.

My parents kept me in diapers until I was 13 and then they said I could stop wearing diapers.

However I continued and still do wear diapers on my own after that.

I can use the toilet and do so sometimes but I mostly now prefer wearing diapers.

Kids did make fun of me at school for wearing diapers and even my brother would make fun of me as well.

But my brother also got diaper punished at 8 years old for the summer because he kept making fun of me.

He stopped making fun of me after that though and I told him secretly that I did love wearing the diapers although I acted like I hated it.

I used to think I was the only one who loved diapers, but so glad I found others love to wear diapers just like me.

I so love this Diaper Boy Tommy and I was dressed like him during my diaper punishment at home although I wish my diapers were thick Pampers like his.

Diaper Boy Tommy Thick pampers diapers

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At least he was punished for the summer. Was he treated the same as you and was he re potty trained? He had to have accidents after the summer.
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I love that diaper boy Tommy as well.

I can't stop looking at his pictures as he is so cute and even cuter in his diapers.

I really wish they would make those thick toddler diapers like those old style pampers again as they were great.

A diaper and shirt like Tommy is wearing is a great summer outfit.

When at home I love dressing like Tommy and will sleep in my diaper and shirt like Tommy is as well.

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