Hiya Chad, I have some other questions for you sir

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Hi Chad, so I wanted to know do you post diaper pictures on imgvek? If it's you I would love to see where you got some of the pics from.

Also, you may not want to answer this so feel free to private message me, as a kid growing up, did you receive diaper punishment? Would you diaper punished your own kids if you had any?

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I'm not into diapers myself.

Although I have chatted with a few diaper lovers and adult babies and I used to have a friend that went to school with as a kid who would wear diapers and he once told me that he loved to wear them.

I was perfectly okay with it and he even came out to me later that he also loved to suck on pacifiers, bottles etc and act like a toddler.

I'm very opened minded about things and I personally think it's a cute thing and I had found out about the ABDL community by searching on I think it was Yahoo search around 2001 or so as I remember my friend liking diapers and so I decided to search the internet for it and came across websites.

I was really interested and fascinated and never once did I think anything was wrong with it.

I don't have any kids and I'm not married or anything but if I did have kids I would be supportive of the kid if they wanted to wear diapers.

They and anybody else certainly aren't hurting anyone.

I don't upload any diaper pics to imgvek.com and I can tell through the IP address that many others are and Pamperslover also known as Jake is one of the majority of ones.

From his IP address that I can see if it's correct he may actually live close to me.

I certainly would love to talk to him and discuss things with him if he did.

I wouldn't stalk him or anyone else though but it would be interesting just to talk to someone in person about this side of them.

I did however upload some other pictures that are non diaper related in the beginning after starting imgvek.com but I believe the first diaper pics came from Jake also known as pamperslover.

Not sure how he found the website but maybe he found it in search or something.

I'll have to ask him and see if he lets me know.

It took off pretty fast and I can see that the website imgvek.com gets around 79,000 visits per month which is amazing for a newer website.

The visitors are from all over the country and if you click on the stats of the image it will show you the countries that the visitors are from.

Although I'm not into diapers I did used to wet the bed though.

I had no diapers for bed wetting but I would've likely worn them if I had them available.

I'm about the same age though as Jake also known as Pamperslover and I used to wet the bed until I was 17 years old.

I do also have what is known as high functioning autism as well but other than that I have no other disabilities or anything.

I was also pretty shy in school as well and yes I admit in Kindergarten I did wet my pants but no diapers were provided nor was I punished for it.

My parents were very supportive of me and made no big issue about my bed wetting or wetting of my pants in school.

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