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asked May 26, 2022 in Diaper Videos by bjz112887 (390 points)
Has anyone used diaper discipline on their children in the recent years if so what was their ages and what kind of diapers did you guys use and how long were they in them for what were the details to the story? And what did they do to deserve it.
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Bjz112887, Im 50% sure you reported or flagged me. I don't believe you having kids that are being diaper punished. I'm sorry I don't. Your mind was going everywhere. I was asking about the kids, trying to figure this out and giving me 3 of the same damn picture? Now that the dip at MEGA suspended me, if the story about ur Dad, I'm sorry BUT I don't believe the story of ur kids. You disappointed me bro. No wonder you tried to change the subject

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answered May 27, 2022 by babyboy2000 (320 points)
I got diaper discipline or diaper punished when I was 7 years old for wetting my pants in school.

I was shy in school and would not ask the teacher to use the toilet and so I would try to hold it in until the bathroom break.

Sometimes I made it and other times I would not and I remember wetting my pants sitting in the chair at my desk.

I was 7 years old at the time and I was so embarrassed and tried to hide it but a girl sitting behind me noticed that pee was running down the chair and told the teacher.

My teacher got up and had the nurse come into the classroom.

The nurse took me with her down the hall to the nurses office and got me cleaned up.

Then she said I had to wear diaper for the remainder of the day.

I didn't know it until I got home from school but the nurse had called my mom and told her I needed to come to school in a diaper or pull up for a week until I could keep dry.

So my mom had already went out and bought me some Luvs size 6 diapers.

I had to wear the Luvs size 6 diapers to school for the rest of the week and I of course wet them so I was kept in the diapers all the time at school and at home.

My mom said that since I could not keep my diaper dry at school that I would not be allowed to use the toilet anymore at home or school.

So she diapered me full time and I stayed in diapers until I was 13 years old.

Then she stopped the diaper discipline and I wish she hadn't.

I really started enjoying the diapers when I turned 8 years old and now I want to wear the diapers full time again.

My mom also made me drink from a baby bottle, sleep in a crib, made me go outside in our yard in just a diaper and shirt and also made me eat in a highchair.

Now I find that diapers are so awesome and much better than underwear.

I'm 22 now and am glad I got diaper discipline.

And actually I preferred wearing the diapers instead of having to hold it to go to the toilet in school as I could just go pee in the diaper without anyone noticing.
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answered May 28, 2022 by JMarsy125 (7,210 points)
I have a niece that is 5 years old and anytime she stays the first thing she gets is a diaper put on. She wears normal size 7 pampers and stays in them the entire time. She behaves well but if she doesn't she wears plastic pants. BTW she wears diapers 24/7 with me, so the same goes with her plastic pants.
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answered Jul 31, 2022 by Jeff p (1,110 points)
How can I forget I was 7 at the time having behavior problems and me and a friend of mine both boys at daycare always peed our pants on the playground and one day it made the teacher mad at us she took us inside to the boys bathroom opened up the top cupboard and pulled out 2 plastic back pampers took our clothes off and diapered us we got our pants and shirt back but later on at bathroom break we asked to go potty and when she removed my diaper I peed on her so she told my mom I pee my pants and I like wearing pampers and she should make me wear pull ups my mom made me wear pull ups 24/7 for the next 2 years I hated going potty in public because everyone seen me being treated like a baby wearing pull ups at a potty with mom or dad's help and I always had to go shopping with mom when I needed more pull up diapers

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