Hiya Pamperslover, there's some changes on Answerpail

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asked May 26 in Answerpail by paratom (3,630 points)
Got some interesting changes on Answerpail from the AB/DL spot. Diaper videos and diaper stories and he's working on ur idea as we speak. A few months I think he said. Hope you guys are having a great time wearing diapers and camping and checking out the sites. You 2 are absolutely lucky.

Oh and I sent you a private message so you you can try to answer it

Stay safe bros

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answered May 26 by diapermouse1 (6,270 points)
Glad to hear that a file hosting service is in the works.

I look forward to signing up to it and uploading some videos and pictures.

Thanks for suggesting the idea pamperslover.

As for the trip that pamperslover known as Jake is taking I hope you and your nephew are having fun as well.

I'm going camping at a lake this weekend.

Wish I could stay longer but I have work so I can only camp for a weekend.

I didn't have to work or if I could work remotely then I would move into a travel trailer and just travel around as much as I could.

I have a travel trailer myself and I'm always pretty comfortable in it and every time I spend time in it I feel more comfortable and actually hate coming back into my house.

The travel trailer for some reason is just too cozy for me and it's likely also the fact that I can take it anywhere I wan too and not have the house just sitting in one location.

For example if I get bored of being where I am I can just hitch up my home and leave for somewhere else and not have to pack anything.

Sometimes I will go out to my travel trailer and spend time in it even when it's parked in my yard.
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answered May 29 by Pamperslover (24,430 points)
Hello Tom Hope everything is going good for you.

I'm currently now in Arkansas at the place that my parents still own where we lived.

My mobile hot spot had been acting up on me I believe due to the mountains.

So the signal where I'm at goes in and out but hopefully when i get somewhere closer to a tower it will work better.

I also have not really been on the computer in awhile.

I look back and it's been around a week now since I left Kansas.

I can't believe it's been that long already.

Time sure is flying.

As for my nephew he has been in diapers all the time the whole trip and has not gotten tired of it.

I've been changing his diaper for him and I love doing it.

He's also been drinking from a bottle and sleeping with a pacifier.

He's having so much fun and so am I.

Currently he's sitting outside in his camping chair and wearing just his shirt, Luvs Diaper size 6 and drinking from his bottle.

He's been sleeping in just his diaper and shirt and he's so cute.

As for the file hosting website I look forward to it and will try uploading videos and pictures to it when it comes online.

We're gonna be here at my parents property for a week or so and then heading off to another campground.

It may be awhile before I get on again but I'll try to respond when I can and when my connection works.
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I'm so happy that you boys are having fun. Mega banned my MEGA account and I still don't know why holes lol I miss you bros
commented May 29 by paratom (3,630 points)
That website filevek.com for some reason is not working. Too bad he doesn't have his old playpen for him to sleep in. That be soo sweet.

I bet he looks adorable wearing diapers. Does his School Nurse says anything about the diapers or does she changes him? We can dare him to wear the whole school.

If I wasn't married I would of gone with you and ur nephew. I use to love camping, I have fond memories, being diapered all summer. The last time I went camping, I was 15 and a bedwetter, the rules was if I a wet diaper, I wore diapers. I got sassy with Mom and told her I might as well be babied too. I had baby bottles, pacifiers, baby food. The best times

Maybe you and your nephew can come over next summer and maybe we could camp?

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