Who remembers your diaper punishment rules?

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I remember the diaper punishment rules for me.

1) Weekends are spent in diapers.

2) You you was dry at school, you will be diapered by bedtime.

3) If your wet in school, 1 full week plus your age. If your messy at school, it's 2 full weeks plus your age.

(By your age meaning if your 8 years old, 7 days plus a extra 8 more days, 14 full days plus 8 extra day)

4) Any days off, I decide if your diapered or not, you must NOT asked. You will know by the time I dress you. If you do ask you will be diapered the whole time your off.

5) Homework, eating the meals are done in the high chair.

6) You may NEVER yourself change, I will change you. Any fighting in the morning will give you a month plus your age.

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answered May 24, 2022 by diamdiaper (590 points)
I remember being diaper punished as an 8 year old for wetting my pants.

My mom said that if I continued peeing my pants that I would have to wear diapers.

I remember my mom then putting me into thick pampers diapers.

I had to wear just the diaper and my shirt on hot days and at first I hated the diapers and was mad.

However after a month in the diapers I started enjoying wearing the diapers and began to actually love my diaper punishment.

My diaper punishment is what got me into diaper loving.

My mom kept me in pampers for the entire year and I could not change myself either and could not ask for diaper changes.

I was also taken in public wearing the pampers, shirt and shoes.

I also remember my mom changing my pampers at a park in front of a lot of people.

I remember a few weird looks but nobody else really said anything.

I wish my parents would've made me wear diapers all the time even after my diaper punishment ended.

If I could afford to wear diapers all the time now I certainly would.

I don't have kids myself but if I did I would never potty train them and keep them in diapers all the time.
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I thought you had kids lol I wanted you to email me cause I had a lot of great ideas to get your kids back in diapers  Do you have MEGA? Add me and we can chat
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My grandma made me wear Pampers because I was a bed wetter and sometimes I had poopy accidents at night.
This was in 1987/88.

I was made to wear a diaper all the time, she said if I couldn't stay clean or dry my Pampers were my new toilet. Since Iit was summer most of the time I was only allowed to wear a shirt, socks, shoes, and of course a diaper.

The first few weeks I couldn't ask for a changing. She would check my diaper and change it. After that she allowed me to ask to get changed, but I had to say that I was wet, poopy, or both. It was embarrassing telling her I had a dirty diaper, especially when the neighbor boy was over. He was 4 and out of diapers.

I remember on more than one occasion being changed in public . So embarrassing when you have no privacy and everyone can see what's going on. A Dirty diaper getting changed in public was the worst, especially at the park. And she'd also talk to me like a baby when I was being changed.
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That would be embarrassing to have a dirty diaper at that age, especially if you were getting changed in public.

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