Pamperslover, I'm having trouble

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asked May 20 in Answerpail by paratom (3,630 points)
Jake (pamperslover) I'm having trouble joining imgvek. I figured that you was only the only one that posted on there that you would know.

Plus could I add you to to MEGA so we can chat. PLEASE

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answered May 20 by Pamperslover (24,430 points)
Sorry to hear you're having trouble signing up for

When I signed up I had no issues.

But maybe something went haywire when the site had issues before.

You might try contacting the site admin at which is how I got in contact with them about the SSL.

If you send information for your username, desired password and email address to the admin at they should be able to help you setup an account until the issue is fixed.

Or they could set you up with a temporary password and then you could change it once it's setup.

I sent an email to them letting them know you're having trouble but I would recommend you send an email to them as well.

Send the email to them at which is an active email for the site as I've heard back from them within a few hours or less.

As to the account I tried signing in and it gave me a message that the account was terminated.

I wish that had a file hosting service as well as I would gladly sign up and pay a monthly fee as long as I can keep my photos of the kids in diapers etc.

I contacted the admin at and they said it was fine as long as no child nudes were on there.

They said the diaper pics were fine to be hosted.

If you're reading this we sure could use another file hosting service as I would gladly sign up and pay for an account to host my files.
commented May 20 by paratom (3,630 points)
Just download Instagram, tommyd8059, I will follow you back. Even if you have pics and videos saved over.  I will see what I can do with imgvek

Keep being awesome
commented May 21 by chad (13,000 points)
Thanks for the suggestion on having a file hosting service.

That is a good idea and I will likely start up one soon as well.
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answered May 21 by chad (13,000 points)
Hello Paratom.

I received your email at but your gmail account blocked my email being sent to you.

However I did setup your account on and will private message you the details.

So look in your private messages on here for a private message from me with your details. and this website is owned by the same person and yes diaper pics are okay to be hosted on

Any pics as long as they are not child porn can be hosted.
commented May 21 by paratom (3,630 points)
My email shouldn't be blocked on imgvek to be honest. Thank you for ur help!!
commented May 21 by chad (13,000 points)
Your email is not blocked on

What I meant was that gmail itself is blocking emails from  for anyone with gmail accounts which means that for some reason if I send anyone emails from the domain gmail blocks them for some reason.

So it would happen to anyone that has a gmail account.

I found out it's possibly something on the email server side that I need to fix for emails to be sent out better to gmail.

Other email accounts seem to work fine.

The captcha is not appearing on login and not allowing registrations which I should have fixed soon.

I did setup your account though and you should be able to login.

If not let me know.

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