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Are you buying a paramount plus subscription? What is the benefit of this?

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I've been thinking about buying a paramount plus subscription soon.

Still thinking about it and likely will buy the paramount plus  subscription within a few weeks or so.

Paramount Plus is not free with Amazon Prime subscription.

You have to purchase the Paramount Plus subscription separately.

Prime Video users can add Paramount Plus as a channel to their account in order to watch the Paramount Plus shows from their Prime Video account.

Some of the benefits and things you get with a paramount plus subscription include.

Tens of thousands of episodes & movies.
NFL on CBS live.
Top soccer plus even MORE live sports.
No ads except live TV & a few shows.
24/7 live news with CBSN.
Your local CBS station live.
Download your shows to watch later.
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Hello to all. Let me tell you about Paramount Plus today. Goodbye CBS All Access and welcome Paramount Plus! When I contacted paramount plus customer services phone number for more information on this new service, I learned that the service formerly known as CBS All Access has been relaunched under the name Paramount Plus, and the changes are much broader than just the brand. To find out what's new - and to determine if Paramount Plus is truly bigger and better than the old CBS All Access, contact a Paramount Plus representative and register to watch the new programs.

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