I remember watching wrestling for Elementary and Middle School on TV about 5 yrs ago

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asked May 11 in AB/DL by paratom (5,310 points)
All 7 yr olds - 14 year olds. Some of them were diapered, the ones that weren't diapered you could tell. Little League players, I seen some, maybe . One of the players was definitely diapered. I think he was 9 I would say. The kid looked like he is was younger then 9. I do remember the Mom stayed in the dug out just in case. Have you seen stuff like that or ur kids playing sports and witness this?

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answered May 12 by diapermouse1 (7,690 points)
I remember seeing that kind of wrestling as well.

I also could tell that some of the kids wear diapered too.

There was one kid who I believe was about 7 who appeared to have a Pampers Diaper on by what I could see of the diaper.

It would be so fun to wear a diaper and wrestle.

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