Who needs a writer for a travel blog

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asked May 11, 2022 in Camping/RV by mwalker1996 (9,270 points)

Who needs a travel writer? I'm a certified travel agent and I have a love for travel. Here's some of my work http://www.medium.com/@marioofarrill

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answered May 12, 2022 by Gregorysharp (20,380 points)
Awesome writing and write ups.

I just want to say that I love your writing style and writing.

I would certainly hire you for a writer if I needed one.

Wish you lots of luck and if I find someone who needs a writer I will let them know about you.
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answered Sep 5, 2022 by lowerkoker (2,200 points)

I don't really care about writing and memoirs about my travels, but when I started using food tours, I realized how much I would love to write down all of my experiences. However, how would it be possible for me to transfer my gustatory emotions into text? I think it would be easier to go to Lisbon, for example, and taste the food myself.

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answered Oct 8, 2022 by Grinder (4,420 points)

When picking a trip destination, it's important to carefully plan the itinerary and decide which locations you want to see. In these situations, it's preferable to utilize a guidebook. I think what they accomplished with https://wegotrip.com/en/amsterdam-d4/ is a great outcome since it lets you explore different locations and decide where you want to go. Furthermore, it's really practical because I discovered fantastic travel deals.

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