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asked May 5, 2022 in Other- Entertainment by Maxxx17 (150 points)
Hello forum members. How and where do you watch anime? Maybe you have other hobbies besides anime. For example, I like to lie on my new sofa and watch anime like this. Besides anime, I also play games.

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answered May 5, 2022 by berterney (3,750 points)
I sometimes like to watch anime as well.

Laying in bed or laying on the couch is where I usually watch anime on my TV.

I also like to watch Peter Rabbit, Katuri and Martha Speaks.

Other hobbies I like to do are go camping, fishing, hiking and taking road trips.

Sometimes I also like to read a good book.
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answered Jun 29, 2022 by GoodBoiClek (6,660 points)

I totally agree with the people who think Death Note is a great anime. I would even call it a true classic, which not only gave us a lot of emotions, but also inspired a huge number of mangaka and anime directors. To me, if you haven't seen Death Note yet, you've made a big mistake that's not too late to fix.
I hope someone will listen to me and watch this anime after all.

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answered Sep 4 by BrysonHardin (140 points)
I'm really into music and interesting musical instruments lately.
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answered Sep 5 by MadalynnRice (140 points)

Watching anime on a comfy sofa sounds like a dream! ️ I usually catch my favorite shows online or on streaming platforms. Apart from anime, I'm into gaming too, it's such a blast! By the way, have you ever tried playing games to the beat of some Irish drums? Adds a whole new level of excitement to gaming sessions!

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