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asked Apr 29, 2022 in Body/Skin by Incadens (140 points)
Please advise. I'm picking up a set of equipment for manicure for my daughter's birthday. She is passionate about this activity and is now learning and gaining experience in this business.
Does manicure hardware and a regular. Paints with gel lacquers.

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answered May 3, 2022 by layla (63,150 points)
My daughter loves doing Manicures as well and so I bought my daughter a manicure set from really cheap.

She loves the manicure set from

The manicure set I bought my daughter is the one in the link below.

And a link to some of the lacquers and polish are below.

Nail lacquers, also known as varnishes, add thickness to your nails.

They apply smoothly and dry quickly.

They give your nails a lustrous look and a trendy, fashionable style to your hands that is feminine and attractive.
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answered May 10, 2022 by Hariz5 (910 points)

My first manicure set was cheap. A lot of the tools were of terrible quality. Of all the variety, I used scissors and a metal file, and I liked it. Until it was time to buy fingernail manicure tools . Of the quality ones, I chose clippers and scissors. Scissors are still sharp, cut perfectly, for me the length of the blades is very comfortable. The clippers, like the scissors, are still very sharp and have never been sharpened. The most important thing when using them is to prepare the cuticle well and push it evenly. Then it is cut easily and without injury.

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