Has a car ever done a million miles?

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Has a car ever done a million miles?

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There have been cars that have done a million miles and sometimes more.

If you maintain your car properly then you should be able to get 1 million miles or at least 500,000 miles out of your car pretty easily.

Many cars have reached a million miles with a few engines swapped.

But it is extremely rare for a car to reach this mark with the original engine.

Trucks with diesel engines will much more likely make it to 1 million miles than a car with a gasoline engine as diesel engines last a lot longer than gasoline engines.

Semi trucks drive more than a million miles before they are ever worn out.

If the engine is not worn out yet by the million miles then the car will likely be worn out itself.

1 million miles is a heck of a lot of driving and sometimes it will take around 20 years to reach 1 million miles depending on how often and how far you drive each day.

Using a vehicle as a hot shot vehicle can easily get you up to a million miles.

You'd however need to properly maintain the car to get it to reach that amount of miles but it can sometimes be done.

Although in some cases the transmission will be worn out as well and need replaced or rebuilt before you hit the 1 million mile mark or at least after you hit the 1 million mile mark.

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