Has anyone been diaper punished at daycare

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I'm just wondering if anyone has been diaper punished at daycare because I was at the age of 7 for me and a friend acting like babies we work warned to act out age or if your going to act like a baby I will treat you like a baby long story short we didn't stop and she pulled my friend into the boys bathroom closed the door and all I can hear is him crying screaming no the door opened and I was drug in door closed the daycare worker took my pants off then my underwear she reached into the cubbered and pulled out a pampers plastic back diaper with Micky mouse all over it and diapered me told me to put my pants back on and go to class .my mom found out when I got home and called the daycare to find out that told my mom I have to wear diapers at daycare because I act like a baby or she can send me in pull ups. So I had had to wear pull ups or the dumb plastic back pampers for boys 24/7 for the next 2 years and I didn't like the pampers but the pull ups wasn't that bad apose to wearing diapers and being treated like a baby toddler
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It sounds like you had a challenging experience at daycare. It's important to note that such disciplinary actions may raise concerns about appropriate and respectful treatment of children. If you have any lingering feelings or questions about this experience, it might be helpful to discuss them with someone you trust or seek professional advice.

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The good o days lol from k through 12 grade, my nurse told my Mom that I was lazy (I wasn't lazy, I had CP and I had a hella time learning) because she found skid marks in the underwear. I was prone to having accidents at school and home. If I had one dry month at school, I had a good month. If I had a wetting accident at school I was diapered at school for 3 days and if it was closed to the  weekend, she added 2 days, Mom would punished for a full week, including the weekend. If I had a messy accident, 2 weeks plus 4 days, Mom would do a month plus 5 days. My school nurse hated boys. It's all good

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