How To Get A Credit Card With Horrible Credit Score?

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asked Jan 5, 2017 in Other-Finance by Lena2y (170 points)
How can I get a credit card with Horrible Credit score?

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answered Jan 5, 2017 by online34 (340 points)
That will be next to impossible.

Although they have those prepaid credit cards where you put money upfront to use the card and every time you use it and pay it off your credit score will rise.
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answered Feb 12, 2023 by pawpaw (2,800 points)

Hi, it's not really necessary to have a credit card. If you need money, you can take out a loan for certain needs. It's only crucial to apply for such a loan from a trusted company with a good reputation, as it's easy to run into scammers in this sphere. For instance, you can find more information on this website - And if its terms & conditions suit you, you can trust them. In addition, if you take loans with bad credit several times and repay the loan amount on time, your credit history will improve. At least it's one of the few companies I've tried. If you have any other questions, you can write to me

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