I have a question, how do I charge a Tesla or EV with a generator?

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We often go camping out of town. We like to travel, we used to have a Buick. But we sold it and bought a tesla, now I have a little fear that we will go to a far away camping and not be able to charge our tesla. An acquaintance advises us to get a generator. But I immediately have a question. How to charge a Tesla with a generator?
commented Apr 6, 2022 by Funtzer (980 points)
Hi, thank you all for the answers.

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answered Apr 6, 2022 by Yracoony (2,480 points)
To charge a Tesla with a generator you'll need a cord that attaches to the generator and then a plug on the end of the cord that your Tesla Charger cord can plug into.

The Tesla will charge faster if you use a 240 volt generator plug with a 240 volt generator.

Basically you'll want to have an outlet like you use on your home for charging your Tesla and then have a cord connected to that outlet that connects to the generator.

Since the portable generator will be providing the power to charge Tesla Car.

If all you have is a smaller generator with only 120 volts then you can simply plug the Tesla into the 120 volt outlet on the generator.

But the 240 volts on the generator charges the Tesla faster.
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How much approximately will 120 volt generators charge the tesla?
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answered Apr 6, 2022 by Luminoros (960 points)

Many people who buy a tesla and like to travel have a similar question. I hasten to reassure you at once, there are generators that help avoid such situations. This article fully describes how to charge a Tesla or an EVs with a generator https://evadept.com/charging-ev-with-generator/. In the same article it is described and what generator is better to buy. If you can afford it, then buy the Champion Power Equipment 200986 generator model. This is the best generator you can use for a Tesla. But in case you have limited funds, then you can buy a Generac GP2500i generator. This is my personal advice. Otherwise, choose what suits you best.

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Hi, we also liked the WEN 56203i generator. Very decent option, even though their output power is low. But the price is adequate for this generator. Thank you for this article, it is very detailed and has lots of tips and comparisons on what generator to buy.
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Yes, you can charge your Tesla with some generators. You will need a properly grounded inverter that produces a clean sine wave. You will also need a high-power generator. A minimum of 2,000 watts is recommended when trying to charge your Tesla with a generator. https://www.evarena.org/ev-range-calculator

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