My car dances when I hit a bump?

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My car dances when I hit a bump?

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If your car dances when you hit a bump it's usually caused by worn out shocks or struts.

The cars worn out shocks or struts can cause the car to dance or bounce when you hit a bump.

Worn out shocks or worn out struts are the most common cause of a car bouncing when you hit a bump.

When your car bounces when hitting a bump then it's most commonly caused by worn out shocks.

When you go over bumps your shocks are supposed to absorb the shock of the bump and when that doesn't happen your car can bounce up and down when the shocks are worn out.

When shocks are working properly and not worn out the car should not bounce when you hit the bump.

If you can push the back of the car down easily and then it bounces up and down easily then your rear shocks are worn out.

Bad struts can also be a cause of a car bouncing.

The bad shocks can lead to a dangerous situation if the car continues bouncing down the highway when you hit bumps and could cause you to lose control of your vehicle.

So get the shocks and struts checked out to make sure everything is okay.

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