How many miles can a local driver drive?

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How many miles can a local driver drive?

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A local truck driver or local driver can drive as far as they can in 11 hours within a 24 hour period.

Most local drivers drive at most 200 miles per day but some local drives may drive 300 to 700 miles or so.

Local Truck Drivers do not need a log book.

Unlike long haul truck drivers who need a logbook and must keep a logbook to be legal the local truck drivers do not need to keep a logbook.

However the company needs to keep records but the truck driver themselves does not need a log book.

Drivers of the local trucks do not have to keep a logbook, but their employer must keep accurate time records for 6 months that show:

The time the driver reported for duty each day;

The total number of hours the driver was on duty each day;

The total time for the preceding 7 days.

A local truck driver is a truck driver that drives locally allowing the truck driver to be home every night as they are not having to travel more than 200 miles.

Some local truck drivers only drive as far as 50 to 100 miles and some drive a bit farther.

Local trucking allows the driver to be home every night, which can be a real benefit to those with a family.

The routes are local, typically within a 200 mile radius and consist of an 8-10 hour work day.

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