What is the story of 8 year old Diaper Boy Tommy?

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What is the story of 8 year old Diaper Boy Tommy?

I've seen pictures of this boy who is around 8 years old who is wearing diapers and being treated like a toddler and drinking from a baby bottle, sitting in a high chair and going outside wearing just his diapers?

Anyone know the actual story of this Diaper Boy Tommy?

Was 8 year old Diaper Boy Tommy being diaper punished and forced to wear diapers by his parents or was diaper boy Tommy a bed wetter and forced to wear diapers as a punishment?

Here's some of the pictures of the boy I'm asking about?

He's wearing just a diaper, shirt and socks and has a wet diaper.

You can see more of his pictures by clicking the images.

8 year old diaper boy Tommy Wearing Diapers8 year old diaper boy Tommy Wearing diapers outside

8 year old diaper boy Tommy Wearing Diapers8 year old diaper boy wearing diapers diaper boy Tommy

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I first found these pictures around the year of 2001 on a now defunct website.

I believe the diaper boy Tommy's dad at least was a diaper lover himself and wanted to force his son into wearing diapers.

I believe that other kid laying on the floor in a green shirt wearing just a diaper may be his brother and also being forced to wear diapers.

I think this kid was wetting the bed and was being diaper punished or it could also have been that the boy was never potty trained and was forced to wear diapers all the time.

It's been oh gosh 20 years now since I first discovered these photos so my memory on the actual story is a bit foggy.

But I think these pictures were taken around 1996 or somewhere close to that date as those diapers he's wearing in most of those pictures at least are clearly the plastic backed diapers and the thicker diapers.

I sure wish my parents would've treated me like this kid at that age.

I would've gladly wore the diapers.

The diaper boy Tommy as I remember his name was being diaper punished by his parents.

If I remember correctly I found these pictures of Diaper Boy Tommy wearing his diapers on an old website that is now no longer available.

I do remember that it was around the year 2001 when I found these pictures searching the internet on AOL.

I saved all his pictures or at least the ones that were available then on my old Windows 98 computer.

I then lost them but found them later again thankfully on imgsrc.ru and have them backed up on thumb drives and 2 computers.

If I remember correctly this boy in the pictures was being diaper punished for wetting the bed and I think his dad was also a diaper lover and wanted to force his son into wearing diapers.

I think Tommy hated being treated that way but his dad spanked him and forced him into the diapers.

If you look closely he has spanking marks where he was spanked on his legs and marks on his face etc.

I'm not 100 percent sure but I think from what I can remember the pictures were taken around 1996 which is when I was 8 years old myself.

Another thing to note.

If you've ever visited deekers diaper page and noticed the drawing of the diaper boy on the front page that drawing is a tracing of a picture of diaper boy Tommy.

Diaper Boy Tommy is either around 30 years old to 33 years old or maybe even a bit older.

I can't remember exactly when these pictures were taken but I'm pretty sure they were taken around 1996 if I remember reading correctly on the website they were on.

And I'm pretty sure he was 8 years old in these pictures which would make him the same age as me now which is 33 years old.

I wish I knew where he was at now and could see him and meet up with him and get the full story directly from him.

Go to this link http://deeker.xyz/ and you'll see the drawing and then compare it with the diaper picture below of diaper boy Tommy.

Diaper Boy Tommy 8 year old boy wearing diapers

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I wish I could meet that diaper boy Tommy today as well.

His pictures are so adorable and I wish that were me being treated that way at his age.

I've saved his pictures on my computer as well and have them on a separate computer monitor on a slideshow.

I can't stop looking at his adorable pictures.
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I believe I had/have pictures of him. Email me and I will show him to you


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