I was diaper punished as a kid growing up

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I was and is a bedwetter, in school if I wet my pants, I got 3 days wearing diapers, I got 1 week at home, if I messed at school and it was a Thursday it would be Friday so it be 1 week and a day, Mom punished me for 2 weeks. Mom's family friends husband made me a tape, it was a hypnosis tape for the summer cause I was going camping with them and there autism boy. Yeah because of my actions baby sitting him she had everything recording, baby bottles, pacifiers, everything. I was 12 at the time and he was 10. I wore the same clothes as him, the zipper was in the back. Yeah, everything stopped  at age 18 but I had one thing more, I went to Disney in diapers. My whole stay I was diapered, either dad changed me or Mom changed me

Now I'm 41 years old and I'm at Walmart. There was this boy (13 yrs old but looks like a 8 yr old) with his Mommy shopping, he was wearing a diaper and a sleeveless Mickey Mouse tank top. He also had a back pack with a lease. He also had a pacifier in his mouth with a Stern look of "better not spit this out". Anyways I bump into them. This is what I was told, "he is a bedwetter, he is diapered by his Mom ever night. One day last week he told his Aunt, he was having a great that he wants to be a baby for 24 hours which he didn't know who was on the phone which was his Mom. She bought him size 7 diapers (Walmart brand) Everything I need to be a baby. She even diapered him in the Van. She even some water pills in the bottle. She had his old crib which she never got rid of. That morning his Aunt told him she has a surprise for him but he needs a diaper change. His Aunt sews clothes and he makes it for his nephew but that wasn't the surprise, his Mom was there." The day I saw them, he look like he was messing and he was crying. They were going to the Aunt's after Walmart.
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I'm curious, did you have an initial acclimation period to using your diapers?
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From 1st grade and beyond, I was lucky if I didn't have a full month in diapers. 11yrs old,12 yrs old and 13 years old I was kept in diapers. I was a heavy bedwetter so I guess it was common

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That's a great story.

I was made to wear diapers in school during Kindergarten because I had wet my pants.

I had to wear Pampers diapers which were the thick diapers back in 1993 and they were very comfortable.

I really wish my parents would've diaper punished me as a kid and teen and I would've loved it.

It's also great seeing older kids wearing diapers in stores and in public.

I saw a 6 year old boy a couple days ago in the Grocery Store riding in the shopping cart wearing just a diaper, shirt and shoes.

He looked so cute in the diaper and didn't seem embarrassed at all about the diapers.

When I have kids myself they are not ever gonna be potty trained and are gonna be made to wear diapers like this diaper boy below.

This diaper boy below from what I can remember reading about years ago on the internet which was probably around 1996 or so if I remember correctly from reading on a website years ago that is gone now.

I believe this boy was being forced to wear diapers and being diaper punished by his dad or both parents.

He's wearing thick diapers which are great.

Here's an 8 year old boy wearing diapers and sitting in a highchair and drinking from a bottle.

And one of him sitting on the floor playing with toys in his diaper.


He's a cute diaper boy.

You can click the image to get a bigger picture of him.

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I really wish my mom would've diaper punished me and made me wear just diapers and shirt when in public.
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When I was punished for 6 months in diapers and because of my rotten bad attitude (at the moment I was feeling overwhelmed and told my mom she might as well throw away my underwear and make me a baby) even though she didn't, I was dressed in diapers and shorts, no shirt, well socks and shoes. I went everywhere. It was haven and hell but more haven

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I wish I was diaper punished as a kid. I have fantasized about how it would go down.

I'd be spanked after wetting the bed and while I was crying, taken to be cleaned up and presentable for the store since we would need to get diapers and supplies for the "big baby". It'd be a petrifying experience, with tears and a big deal made about all the little things being picked up at the store; bottles and pacifiers to keep me from spilling and fussiness. Powders to keep my bottom smelling fresh despite what might come out of it. And of course, the cutest, biggest, and bulkiest diapers there are there. Starting off with two boxes of them. Then the embarrassment of having to walk with that all in the cart, knowing that all that stuff is for me. Knowing what my future was gonna be like.

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