How often do you wear diapers?

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How often do you wear diapers?

I'm 13 years old and I wear diapers every weekend and weeknights.

Although sometimes when i have enough diapers I try to wear most nights but cannot afford to do so.

I wish I could wear my diapers full time but cannot afford too and I'm always anxious to get back into a diaper.

I'm wearing a Pampers Baby Dry size 6 diaper right now with Grover on the diaper.

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answered Jul 4 by Pamperslover (30,650 points)
As a kid I would only wear diapers maybe once or twice per week when I had the diapers or money to buy diapers.

When I was a kid I had not much access to diapers like I do now so I had to only wear diapers when the urge really struck me and some days I wanted to wear diapers but could not.

Now as an adult I wear diapers everyday and all day and all night as well.

I no longer use the toilet and the only time I'm not wearing a diaper is when I'm taking a bath or shower.

Other than that I'm in a diaper and always using the diaper because I no longer use the toilet for either pee or poop all my pee and all my pooping is done in a diaper.

I no longer really think about the peeing or pooping but instead just let it come out into the diaper like a baby or non potty trained toddler would.

I would no longer go back to wearing regular underwear or using the toilet as diapers are much better.

I would never feel right not wearing diapers now.

I'm wearing a Pampers Baby Dry size 6 diaper right now and it's wet and I wore it last night to bed partially wet and finished peeing in the pampers when I woke up.

The Pampers Baby Dry size 6 diaper I'm wearing has Big Bird on the front and I removed the cloth outer cover to have a plastic backed pampers.

I can see the pictures of sesame street characters better that way as well.

The cloth outer cover of the pampers baby dry diaper just easily peels off.

The Pampers Baby dry size 6 does not fit perfectly of course because I'm an adult who is 33 years old but I'm also skinny.

I had to modify the pampers baby dry size 6 diaper though and use some packing tape around it to hold it in place but they are still great to wear that way.

After I change out of this pampers diaper I'm gonna get into a Gentle Steps size 7 diaper.

I wear diapers all the time and mostly wear adult diapers such as Abuniverse Super Dry Kids or any other the other diapers they have.

But on weekends I like to act and play as a toddler or baby and so I usually wear the Pampers diaper or the Gentle Steps size 7 diaper.

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