Do 8 year old boys use pacifiers?

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Do 8 year old boys use pacifiers?

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Some 8 year old boys do use pacifiers and also wear diapers.

Just like this 8 year old boy who's wearing diapers and using a pacifier as well.

His parents were making him wear diapers all the time and drink from a bottle as well as suck on a pacifier which is great.

I wish I were that boy who got diapered by his parents and made to use them and be treated as a toddler.

This is diaper boy Tommy and he's probably now in his 30's as these pictures have been around over 20 years or so which is when I discovered them as a kid myself.

8 year old boy sucking on pacifier Diaper Boy Tommy8 year old diaper boy Tommy wearing diapers and sucking pacifier

Here's another few pictures of older kids using pacifiers as well.

Pacifiers are great and I also use a pacifier as much as I can.

8 year old boy sucking on pacifierOlder Kid sucking on pacifier

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