Is it okay to drink water before surgery?

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Is it okay to drink water before surgery?

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It is okay to drink some water before surgery.

It's important to stay hydrated and drinking water is perfectly fine before surgery is scheduled to happen.

Do not eat dairy products or drink milk before the surgery and only drink clear liquids before the surgery.

Before surgery you're encouraged to drink clear liquids but NOT milk or dairy products — until 2 hours before the time you are scheduled to arrive at the hospital or surgery center.

Staying hydrated is good for you, and it's especially important in hot weather!

Certain procedures may require special preoperative fasting instructions.

To prepare for surgery follow the the below guidelines.

Stop drinking and eating for a certain period of time before the time of surgery.

Bathe or clean, and possibly shave the area to be operated on.

Undergo various blood tests, X-rays, electrocardiograms, or other procedures necessary for surgery.

Surgery can seem scary and it was for me at first but after I've had a few surgeries done the surgery or operation on my body no longer scares me.

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