What is the meaning of Tonopah?

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What is the meaning of Tonopah?

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The meaning of Tonopah is small water.

While "Tonopah" is a Shoshone word meaning "small water," there seems to be some debate as to the origin of Mizpah.

In the 1900's and in 1913 the mines of Tonopah Nevada produced Silver, Copper and Gold and Lead.

Tonopah Nevada is famous for being a mining town in 1913.

In 1913, the mines of Tonopah produced nearly $10 million in silver, copper, gold and lead.

By the summer of 1901, Butler was beginning to make its mark on Nevada’s silver production figures.

The mines around the town produced almost $750,000 in gold and silver in 1901, and for the next 40 years, the Tonopah mines were consistent producers.

The town now had six saloons, restaurants, assay offices, lodging houses, a number of doctors, lawyers and a rapidly swelling population of 650.

The first wedding took place on November 14 when Harry Stimler and Eleanor Whitford were married.

Butler Theater Late 1930’s – Seen In Background, Now Showing Little Miss Broadway With Shirley Temple

A newspaper came to the town on June 15, 1901, when W.W. Booth, who had published a paper in Belmont, set up the Tonopah Bonanza.

The first issue had this greeting: “With this issue, the Tonopah Bonanza glides down the typographical ways and into the sea of journalism.

Whether its voyage will be a calm and prosperous one, time along will tell.

The Bonanza will at all times act as a free lance, giving credit whenever merited and censure when called for.

Our policy in politics will be for the best of the country.

That the paper will meet with public favor or condemnation is left to the opinion of the reader and advertiser.

We have done our best and sincerely hope it will meet with your approval.” The paper listed Butler as its place of publication until March 1905.

Booth took over the postmaster duties from Sinclair and served until 1905.

1902 was also very prosperous for the booming town.

Tonopah – Early 1900s

Jim Butler had sold out the claims, which were all consolidated and gave birth to a new company, the Tonopah Mining Company.

It was incorporated in Delaware, with stock listed on both the Philadelphia and San Francisco exchanges.

The company, with J.H. Whiteman as president, controlled 160 acres of mineral-bearing ground around the Tonopah district.

The company also had holdings in the Tonopah-Goldfield Railroad and controlled mining companies in Colorado, Canada, California and Nicaragua.

The mine workings at Tonopah consisted of three deep shafts with more than 46 miles of lateral workings.

The deepest of the three shafts was 1,500′. The ore mined at the site was shipped to Millers, where it was treated in a 100-stamp mill.

This facility was used by the company’s mines until suitable treatment facilities were built at Tonopah.

Tonopah is an unincorporated town in and the county seat of Nye County, Nevada, United States.

It is located at the junction of U.S. Routes 6 and 95, approximately midway between Las Vegas and Reno.

In the 2010 census, the population was 2,478.

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