Does a surgical mask help avoid COVID-19?

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Does a surgical mask help avoid COVID-19?

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Yes a surgical mask does help you avoid Covid-19 and also prevents you from spreading Covid-19 to others if you happen to have it and not know it.

Even regular cheap face masks or even cloth face masks can help with preventing Covid-19 although the surgical masks are better.

The kind of mask you should wear during Covid-19 is any type of mask that covers your mouth as well as you nose.

Standard face masks are great for protecting you from Covid-19 as well as the flu and cold virus.

However if you can get an even better mask then it's much better for you to wear the better higher quality mask that better protects you.

But any cheap mask will work just fine and is better than no mask at all.

In many circumstances, cloth masks or medical procedure masks work well for community use.

The higher grade and higher quality medical procedure masks work much better than cheaper mask or cloth masks usually but even cloth face masks or the cheaper face masks work just fine.

I've been wearing the cheap Dollar Tree Face Masks during Covid-19 and I have not gotten the Covid-19 virus or even the flu or cold since wearing the mask.

It also helps you stop spreading the cold or flu or Covid-19 to others if you happen to have it yourself.

Also make sure to wash your face, hands etc often to help kill germs and viruses such as the flu, cold virus and Covid-19 virus.

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